Róisín O

Crombie Cabin, 271 Sylvan Way, Emerald Hills

Róisín O will perform at Crombie Cabin on Friday, November 17th. Columnist Colleen Taylor notes: It’s always going to be a good week when one of your favorite artists releases a new single. This week, it was Róisín O with her latest track, “Warn Me of Silence.” With this new song, released April 28, Róisín O proves her bravery, just like her creativity, knows no bounds. “Warn Me of Silence” sends a gorgeously choreographed and politicized message. From her first release, Róisín O’s solo career has been vigorously inquisitive, seeking out influences from pop, rock, Americana, new age and even Afro genres to set her folk music songwriting on fire. I’ve been in love with O’s debut album “Secret Life of Blue” (2012) for a couple years now, and her two recent 2016 releases, “Give it Up” and “Better this Way” are each, in their respective style, stunning. What distinguishes her most recent release is an escalating sense of drama. The song’s style circles back to her 2015 release, “If You Got Love,” in which O’s folksy vocals pair with electro-rock backing instrumentation. The same perfect formula of “opposites attract” makes “Warn Me of Silence” another great original from Mary Black’s daughter. Her ethereal, mystical singing voice weaves with grounded, rooted beats that make “Warn Me of Silence” a really enigmatic listening experience.